Elijah’s first mini golf lesson

Keeping in the theme of my learning to golf, I decided to take my nephew, Elijah mini-golfing on one of the first truly nice Saturday afternoons that we had this spring. To learn a little about my relationship with Elijah and what he means to me, read this post!

He’s a quick learner and mini-golfing with my dad was one of my favorite summer activities. We actually ended up taking both of my parents and my brother with us so Elijah had quite a cheering section once he began to figure it out.

At not even 3 years old, learning a sport that requires such precision (yes, I know, it’s just mini-golf, but still- you have to try!) could be frustrating but Elijah handled it well.

In the beginning, he struggled (as you’ll see in this short clip), but he watched us a lot, helped us pick up balls after each hole (hello, future caddy!), and sometimes he picked the ball up before we were done with the hole (we’re working on that).

By the last hole, he got the idea of the game and got his ball in the hole- he was so excited and proud of himself!

After we finished he marched up to the man running the mini-golf hut and said: Thank you very much! That was fun! — the kid has great manners.

Taking what I learned in this afternoon of mini-golfing with a 2.75 year old, I have some brief advice:

  1. If you can, only take one first-timer. Learning a new sport can be tough and it’ll help the kid to have all of your attention.
  2. Elijah Golf.JPGLimit the number of people who go with you. We had a blast and it was great to have my whole family together, but I think it was a little distracting for Elijah. It also slowed down our playing speed because four of us were hitting balls.
  3. Bring snacks. Check to make sure it’s ok with your mini-golf course, but I brought Elijah a bag of blackberries and a couple of butter cookies and it was a good break for him when he was getting frustrated.
  4. Finally, take a step back and laugh at the little things. I had an amazing shot and my ball stopped only a few inches from the hole… Elijah ran and picked it up before I could finish the hole. I was so excited that I had done so well (remember, I’m learning how to golf, too), but I couldn’t help but laugh- after all, he was helping!

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