Welcome! (5 Ws)

You’re reading this, which means I have officially launched my blog. I have been working on this for some time to ensure that my vision and content matched up, and to give myself time to develop content so that when I did launch, my readers would have more than just this post to read! So to answer questions about my blog, here are 5Ws that should explain.

WHO: My name is Evie, and I’m a 29 year old lawyer(?) living in Pittsburgh. I have an 8 month old puppy named Barrett– you can expect to see a good bit of him in my upcoming posts.

WHAT: This is a lifestyle blog. As of now, my main focus will be: issues that I face in life and how I handle them, travel / the trips that I take and am planning, and my health and fitness journey. I will also throw in some posts about Barrett, my family, recipes, and new things that I’m trying as they come up- basically, I want to share the things that I care about with you! There will be a good variety because, this is a lifestyle blog- my life has variety to it and at this time I don’t want to narrow myself to one particular area of it.

WHERE: Pittsburgh, primarily (I may be moving in the near future), and wherever else I travel to. If I’m traveling, you’ll get a summary of my trip and some recommendations on restaurants, things I did, and places I stayed!

WHEN: NOW!! (But also from the past year or so- like I said, I have been preparing some content to have ready for some time now!)

WHY: As you’ll see in my “What do I want to be when I…” post, I’m going through some career changes right now. I’m using this time to focus on myself and figure out what I want to do / where I want to be. As those decisions evolve, I’m sure the content of this blog will evolve as well. I needed a creative outlet, and hopefully the things I have to say will resonate with others and people will want me to write more!

So thank you for reading this far, and I hope you’ll click around and check out some of my other posts! You can subscribe using the link at the bottom so you can get updates about new posts. I welcome any and all feedback- if there’s something you would like to see more of, tell me!

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