Time for a (lifestyle) change

I was in the best shape of my adult life the summer before I started law school.

Messages Image(1322529711).png

That was almost eight years ago and I hate to say it (But know that I need to), but I let that version of me go.  As I try to pinpoint when I really began to let it get out of control, I realized that while some weight crept on during law school, I gained the majority of it after law school, when I was working and unhappy with my career. I can’t blame it 100% on the job situation, but I refuse to believe that it’s coincidence. Being unhappy with one aspect of life can lead to letting other parts of it go. And I definitely did that.

At the start of this year, I made a list of goals, a roadmap per se, for how I want 2018 to pan out. I am turning thirty in June and I wanted (and still want) to make sure that I make the last part of my 20’s count. After some reflecting, I decided that I was going to take the actions to get myself into the shape that I was in pre-law school. I’m not by any means trying to erase the past 8 years, but I am trying to move past them and reach my goals for the next several years. Even though I’m not sure what my next career move will be (and that is extremely stressful), I refuse to let other parts of my life continue to slip. Getting my body back is one of the many ways I plan to do this.

How do I plan to get in shape? I did some reflecting on that, too.

After sitting down and writing out WHY I wanted to get in shape, I began to think about HOW I planned to do it. That is when I truly realized how much I hate diets.A few times in the past several years I began a “diet” and then a few days or weeks later, I gave it up. This time, I am not going to “diet”. I hate the word diet. I tried my fair share of them in college, and when I think about how unhealthy some of the “diets” that my friends and I looked into were, I shudder. I am a firm believer that if you want it to work, you have to make it a lifestyle change. And that is where I am right now. A few weeks into my lifestyle change. I am being very cautious about how I go about this because I want it to last.

I started slowly by making smarter food choices: incorporating more greens into my cooking, measuring my portions, and trying to have healthier options available. In my first few weeks, I have definitely had my ups and downs. I have enjoyed dinners out, but I have also cooked many healthy meals in. I started an exercise program (21 Day Fix) and have been pretty consistent with it. I stream videos online and can exercise from wherever I might be. It is very convenient and cuts my excuse of not having time to go to the gym.

I am already seeing results. I have lost almost five pounds in just over two weeks. I have lost about 5 inches from the various measurements I have been taking. I have found motivation to keep up with this new lifestyle. I have found energy from my new eating plan and exercise routine. I have found that my mood is so much better when I’m taking care of myself.

I’m going to make weekly updates on this journey that I’m on, partially to hold myself accountable, and partially to share it with anyone who might be looking for their own bit of motivation to make some changes.


Excuse my messy apartment in the picture on the right, but I wanted to show you right now what my progress looks like! The picture on the left was taken on July 2, 2017, and the one on the right was taken on February 23, 2018. While I’m ashamed that I let myself get as overweight as the picture on the left shows, I’m really proud that I have already gotten away from that in just a few short weeks of making smarter choices.  I’m about 13 pounds lighter in the “now” picture, and while I didn’t see a difference before, I definitely see it in this side by side comparison!

I will be taking this one day at a time while keeping my long term goal in my mind. Maybe I’ll even go back to Disney to take a new picture!



4 thoughts on “Time for a (lifestyle) change

  1. This is such a great achievement and you are working towards your goal, the most important step is to get started, once you begin to see your body change that starts motivating you even more! 🙂 I just signed up for the gym today after three years away and I hope to get back to the groove. Great job!


    1. That’s great! It’s hard to get started in the beginning but once you make it part of your routine, it gets easier and you actually almost look forward to it!


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