Stop Hesitating

I went back and forth about going live with this blog. For about a year, to be honest. I went through periods where I was so excited about it, and then periods where I questioned what I was doing. Who will read what I’m writing? Why will people read what I have to say over the innumerable already successful bloggers out there. These doubts actually caused me to put this blog on the shelf for almost 8 months.

It is true, there are tons of bloggers out there, but honestly, each one has their own voice and their own things to say. Which is why I decided to go live with this and make a go of it. I have my own experiences to share, advice to give, and things to say. My words may resonate with you, but the words of other fabulous bloggers may also. I don’t believe that there can be too much of a good thing.

I love to write. As a kid I wrote short stories, poems, and even song lyrics. Somewhere during college I got shy and even though I kept writing, I stopped sharing what I wrote with others. I suppose I was scared to put myself out there, nervous that people wouldn’t like what I had to say, and unprepared for the potential criticism of my writing. I made a promise to a friend that I would get over that and let people read what I had to write again.

I fully intended to keep this promise and started out by sharing something I wrote with the closest person to me: my mom. By nature, a mom will love everything about her kid, but I also know that my mom won’t sugarcoat things and if I wrote something atrocious, she would recommend that I improve it or write something else.

My next step to overcoming this apprehension was to share my writing with my best friend. This was a little bit harder. Honestly, in the moments after handing over the laptop, I felt somewhat vulnerable and exposed. I got a few comments and suggestions, but overall, the feedback was extremely positive.

In order to grow as a person, it is important to be able to overcome your limitations. Developing confidence is a huge factor in determining your success level.

So here I am. Doing this. I already feel my confidence growing and I have only made a few posts so far. I’m happy and I’m doing something I enjoy.


Some people may not connect with my writing, and maybe some people will hate it (hope not!), but hopefully, people will find my blog and connect with it. Either way, I’m keeping a promise, conquering a fear, and growing as a person.

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