Bookworm once again

I used to LOVE to read. I’m talking major bookworm. I would devour one book after another to the point where I’d finish books in the same day that I started them. Not to say that I don’t like to read currently. I definitely still do, but somewhere during law school where I was assigned copious amounts of reading on a daily basis, I stopped reading for fun with the frequency that I used to.

Because I have been trying to get back some of the things that I let slip aside (health & fitness, creative writing) I decided that I should add something else to the list: I’m going to start reading for pleasure more.

I went to my local library the other day with the intention of browsing some books and maybe picking one out. Well, I came home with three. IMG_2763-1.jpeg

The books I decided to start with are:

  1. The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand
  2. The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews
  3. The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger

I picked these three books without looking into reviews– they were all in the same display area at the library, and after reading the jacket descriptions on about 10 books, these were the ones that sounded the most interesting!

Pretty much as soon as I walked in the door of my parents’ house, I sat on the couch and picked one of the books to begin. I started with The Rumor and so far, it is pretty good. It is set on Nantucket, which is tugging at my heartstrings already (I’m loving the mentions of the places that I know and love!) Honestly, curling up on the couch is such a great way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon– I’m kind of mad at myself that I let myself slip in the reading for pleasure department!

At least two of these books seem like they could be classified as “beach reads” so maybe my mind is subconsciously telling me that it’s time to start planning a trip out of the Pittsburgh cold to sunnier weather!

The return date on my slip for these three books is March 18th- my goal is to finish 2 (if not all three) by that date! Think I can do it?

Have you read a really great book lately? I would love your recommendations to add to my list as I re-start my bookworm lifestyle!

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