Weight-loss Wednesday: March 7, 2018

Another week down. I stayed pretty on track with my fitness goals since last Wednesday when I posted my initial post about my health and fitness plan. I worked out every day except Saturday, which I used as a much-needed rest day. Since my last measurement day, I am at the same weight as last week BUT I am DOWN 3.75 inches!!!


Truth be told, I lost 1.5 pounds but it came back on (probably due to a high sodium meal I had yesterday). This was somewhat disappointing but I have told myself that it will come back off in a day or two if I make sure my nutrition is on point and I stay hydrated.

Workouts: I did a few 21 Day Fix workouts and am currently doing a 5 day prep plan to get ready for the new program that I plan on starting in the next week or so. It looks like it’s going to be pretty challenging so I have been doing what I can to build up my strength and stamina while I wait for the equipment and program materials to arrive in the mail. This in itself is a major feat for me- typically I would have used this as an excuse to take a full week off- I don’t have the equipment for the new program and I finished a round of 21 Day fix so it’s a perfect excuse to slack off- but I didn’t want to slow my progress down so I kept working out!

I also noticed that I was pushing myself a bit harder this past week. Even though I have done the 21 Day Fix workouts for a while now, I paid extra attention to my form and posture during the different exercises and found that I was still getting a really challenging workout!

Food: 80/20 is my goal- I still want to be able to enjoy meals out, I know that in order for me to make this change stick, I need to be able to incorporate eating the foods I like (in moderation), going to Happy Hour, and having family dinners. I have discovered that by keeping the less-healthy meals in mind, I make healthier choices for the other meals during the week. Example: if I know I’m going out to dinner on Wednesday and Saturday nights, I make sure that the rest of my meals on those days are especially healthy, and that my dinners the other nights of the week are pretty dialed in. I ate out a few times this week, but I also made sure to compensate with salads, grilled proteins, and shakes. I firmly believe that it’s all about balance! Looking back on the week, I think I ate out a little too much- we had family in town and some events going on that made it hard for me to cook at home.

Tricks I tried this week:

I had a craving for pasta last Wednesday. Sometimes it happens. Instead of making a super rich / carb only pasta, I decided to grill some chicken breast, cut it up, and add it to the pasta. I also added broccoli florets, spinach, and cherry tomatoes to the pasta and sauce, and before I knew it, an otherwise unhealthy meal into a side of pasta loaded with protein and fresh veggies.

Taco night: my family does taco night on Mondays – this week, instead of eating my tacos as I normally would, I dumped the inside of the tacos (chicken, lettuce, cheese) onto my plate and ate that as a taco salad. Believe it or not, it tasted just as good and I was full / satisfied after our meal!

Goals for this next week: 1. Eat out less. I will be away a couple of days towards the end of next week, so in this next week I want to make sure that my nutrition is on point to compensate for the meals I will inevitably eat out while I am away. 2. Up my workouts from 30 minutes to 60 minutes (at least a few days per week) and 3. Drink LOTS of water.

This is probably the first week that I actually started to see the difference that my work has made in my body. Although I knew the number on the scale was dropping, I didn’t really notice it until now. Maybe taking the before and after comparison pictures made me actually notice the difference, but whatever caused it, finally seeing that I have been making progress has been a huge confidence / motivation booster for me.

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