Weightloss Wednesday- March 21, 2018

Another week DONE! I was on the road on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and I didn’t do my video workouts. I packed some snacks to attempt to eat as healthy as possible, but as with any trip, there are unique foods to try, and I wanted to get a feel for the cities I was in!

I am down 1.3 pounds, and .5 inches. I was a little bit disappointed that both of those numbers weren’t bigger, but I reminded myself that these results are for one week. In ONE WEEK, I made a change to my body and that in itself is something to be proud of.

Workouts: I continued with the A Little Obsessed program (to prepare for 80 Day Obsession). I was on the road on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and while I took equipment to get my workouts done, I slacked a bit and didn’t do the videos. I did make a conscious effort to walk a lot. We took Barrett with us so I had him as a motivator to walk around. I have decided to start 80 Day Obsession on Monday, March 26th. I have delayed it a bunch, but I was supposed to be on the road this week and didn’t want to start such a big program on the road. I absolutely HAVE to start the program on Monday, because if I do, I will be done the day before my 30th birthday!

Food: I have been very good with my timing of eating this week. I tried to have several small meals, and was very conscious of my carbohydrate intake. I was also very careful to eat good meals while on the road. I did indulge myself in a couple good dinners, but overall, I tried to stay on track!

Tricks I tried this week: 

I packed healthy snacks for my road trip to avoid the temptation of eating fast food on the road. Fast food is easy and tastes good, but it just isn’t good for me in terms of keeping my nutrition goals in check. By packing a cooler full of snacks, I avoided temptations.

How I did with last week’s goals:

  1. Eat more vegetables. I definitely was able to up both my food and vegetable intake with just a little bit of planning and time spent at the grocery store.
  2. Add a walk to supplement my workouts 3x this week. I definitely walked a lot this week, but it was instead of 3 days of workouts, so I’d like to work on that!
  3. Pack healthy snacks for my trip. DONE.

Goals for this next week 1. measure portions when at home. 2. meal prep for the entire week. 3. workout while out of town.

After some reflection, I am on board with my weight loss for this week. A loss is a loss and it’s much better than what I would have done in the past!

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