Progress update

I have never posted on a Sunday, and don’t plan to make a regular thing of it, but I wanted to get this update out so I am going to stop making excuses and post it now.

I have been working hard the past month, despite the craziness that is life. I am down about 7 more pounds, and around 7 more inches. Do I wish this was more? yes. Could I have done more to achieve better results? Definitely. Am I proud of what I did achieve? 100%.

I am making a conscious effort to try to eat out less. This is my downfall. When I cook at home, I do a wonderful job. I see amazing results. When I eat at restaurants, I see my weight creep back up. Eating at restaurants will be a part of my life, so I am trying to figure out a way to balance it. I have been looking at the entire week and making note of the potential days that I may have a dinner outside of my kitchen. When I see that I have 3 of such days, I make sure that my at home nutrition is 100% dialed in so I can flex a little bit when I eat somewhere else.

When I started this, I swore I would not restrict myself to a point where I felt deprived, and I still maintain that. That being said, I need to be smarter about my schedule. When I was working at a law firm full time, it was easy for me to justify eating lunch out every single day. It was something to do, it was quick, it was easy, it was delicious. But that was a big part of why I gained a lot of weight. Now that I am working primarily from home, I am instilling habits in myself of preparing food in advance so I have options ready to go and don’t have to be tempted by the quick take out options.

I have slacked off a bit in terms of my nutrition and as a result, I have not been seeing the results that I want. I am proud of what I have accomplished, but I am going to challenge myself to buckle down and be strict about cooking at home and see where that gets me.



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