Progress update

I have never posted on a Sunday, and don’t plan to make a regular thing of it, but I wanted to get this update out so I am going to stop making excuses and post it now. Continue reading “Progress update”


Checking In- Hiatus Explained

So, I fell off of the blogging wagon for a bit. I had a lot of stuff going on, both personally and professionally, and didn’t really want to write. I want my blog to be organic and natural so that it truly reflects me both as a writer and who I am as a person, so since I didn’t want to write, I didn’t force it. I am in a better place currently– the personal stuff is working itself out, and I have a few leads on exciting new career opportunities.  Continue reading “Checking In- Hiatus Explained”

Weight-loss Wednesday: March 14, 2018

This week was challenging! I tried to stay as dialed in as possible as I have developed a goal that I really want to reach by my birthday. I worked out every day except Tuesday, which is a really big deal for me. Continue reading “Weight-loss Wednesday: March 14, 2018”

Housetraining Barrett

We got Barrett when he was barely eight weeks old. We thought he was 12 weeks, but after looking at his teeth, the vet estimated that he was approximately a month younger than that.  That means he probably went to his first home at around 5 weeks, which was way too early. Getting Barrett at such a young age did have its advantages because although he had been with another family prior to us, he hadn’t had a chance to pick up any potential bad habits, and we could train him the way we wanted. Continue reading “Housetraining Barrett”

How to meal prep when you hate the idea of meal prepping

I am not a fan of meal prep. I have friends who swear by it, but I don’t like to eat the same dinner several nights in a row so I have to get creative with it. I have also found that when I don’t make a plan, I’m more likely to grab something unhealthy because it’s quick and easily accessible.

Continue reading “How to meal prep when you hate the idea of meal prepping”

Weight-loss Wednesday: March 7, 2018

Another week down. I stayed pretty on track with my fitness goals since last Wednesday when I posted my initial post about my health and fitness plan. I worked out every day except Saturday, which I used as a much-needed rest day. Since my last measurement day, Continue reading “Weight-loss Wednesday: March 7, 2018”

Havana (food and drinks)

Havana is a pretty magical city, and despite my many trips to Cuba starting from when I was an infant, I’m ashamed to say that up until about 3 years ago, I hadn’t experienced much of it. Continue reading “Havana (food and drinks)”

Bookworm once again

I used to LOVE to read. I’m talking major bookworm. I would devour one book after another to the point where I’d finish books in the same day that I started them. Not to say that I don’t like to read currently. I definitely still do, but somewhere during law school where I was assigned copious amounts of reading on a daily basis, I stopped reading for fun with the frequency that I used to.

Because I have been trying to get back some of the things that I let slip aside (health & fitness, creative writing) I decided that I should add something else to the list: I’m going to start reading for pleasure more. Continue reading “Bookworm once again”