Progress update

I have never posted on a Sunday, and don’t plan to make a regular thing of it, but I wanted to get this update out so I am going to stop making excuses and post it now. Continue reading “Progress update”

The Greenbrier Valentine’s Day Trip

I will admit that prior to 2017, I had never even heard of the Greenbrier. My boyfriend’s family planned a trip there in the fall for his dad’s birthday, and I fell in love. The combination of the vast property, the decor, and the service, made it an absolutely wonderful trip. Continue reading “The Greenbrier Valentine’s Day Trip”

How to meal prep when you hate the idea of meal prepping

I am not a fan of meal prep. I have friends who swear by it, but I don’t like to eat the same dinner several nights in a row so I have to get creative with it. I have also found that when I don’t make a plan, I’m more likely to grab something unhealthy because it’s quick and easily accessible.

Continue reading “How to meal prep when you hate the idea of meal prepping”

Havana (food and drinks)

Havana is a pretty magical city, and despite my many trips to Cuba starting from when I was an infant, I’m ashamed to say that up until about 3 years ago, I hadn’t experienced much of it. Continue reading “Havana (food and drinks)”

My go-to salad


When I make a salad, I like to incorporate all kinds of toppings so I’m not just eating lettuce.

There were a couple of occasions when my boyfriend and I were invited to a dinner party and we offered to make a salad… between adding things that we both liked and tweaking the ingredients, this masterpiece was born. Now, it’s pretty much our go-to dish to take to parties. Continue reading “My go-to salad”