I decided to write a post introducing you to my nephew, Elijah. Elijah is a big part of my life and since I will be mentioning him in upcoming posts, I wanted to give you some backstory on who he is and what he means to me. Continue reading “Elijah”


Weight-loss Wednesday: March 7, 2018

Another week down. I stayed pretty on track with my fitness goals since last Wednesday when I posted my initial post about my health and fitness plan. I worked out every day except Saturday, which I used as a much-needed rest day. Since my last measurement day, Continue reading “Weight-loss Wednesday: March 7, 2018”

Havana (food and drinks)

Havana is a pretty magical city, and despite my many trips to Cuba starting from when I was an infant, I’m ashamed to say that up until about 3 years ago, I hadn’t experienced much of it. Continue reading “Havana (food and drinks)”

Bookworm once again

I used to LOVE to read. I’m talking major bookworm. I would devour one book after another to the point where I’d finish books in the same day that I started them. Not to say that I don’t like to read currently. I definitely still do, but somewhere during law school where I was assigned copious amounts of reading on a daily basis, I stopped reading for fun with the frequency that I used to.

Because I have been trying to get back some of the things that I let slip aside (health & fitness, creative writing) I decided that I should add something else to the list: I’m going to start reading for pleasure more. Continue reading “Bookworm once again”

Stop Hesitating

I went back and forth about going live with this blog. For about a year, to be honest. I went through periods where I was so excited about it, and then periods where I questioned what I was doing. Who will read what I’m writing? Why will people read what I have to say over the innumerable already successful bloggers out there. These doubts actually caused me to put this blog on the shelf for almost 8 months. Continue reading “Stop Hesitating”

Traveling to Cuba

Cuba is one of the trendiest and hottest vacation spots right now. Understandably so, since up until recently, most United States citizens were unable to legally travel to Cuba. I traveled to Cuba in November, but unlike many Americans, this was not my first trip to Cuba. Continue reading “Traveling to Cuba”

Time for a (lifestyle) change

I was in the best shape of my adult life the summer before I started law school.

Messages Image(1322529711).png

That was almost eight years ago and I hate to say it (But know that I need to), but I let that version of me go. Continue reading “Time for a (lifestyle) change”

Meet Barrett!

Pretty much everyone who I have interacted with over the past year has heard about how much I want a puppy. I moved into my own apartment and it was a bit lonely without Meatball and Juliet underfoot, so I had been keeping my eye out for puppies online and in the shelters for the better part of a year. I realllllly wanted to rescue, but I wanted a dog that would stay small because a. I live in an apartment with no yard, and b. I travel a good bit and would like to be able to travel with my pup sometimes. I soon learned that it was tough to find a small dog at a shelter. So I kept looking.

One day, my boyfriend showed me an ad that he found on craigslist- a woman was rehoming a puppy. Continue reading “Meet Barrett!”

Elijah’s first mini golf lesson

Keeping in the theme of my learning to golf, I decided to take my nephew, Elijah mini-golfing on one of the first truly nice Saturday afternoons that we had this spring. To learn a little about my relationship with Elijah and what he means to me, read this post! Continue reading “Elijah’s first mini golf lesson”