Checking In- Hiatus Explained

So, I fell off of the blogging wagon for a bit. I had a lot of stuff going on, both personally and professionally, and didn’t really want to write. I want my blog to be organic and natural so that it truly reflects me both as a writer and who I am as a person, so since I didn’t want to write, I didn’t force it. I am in a better place currently– the personal stuff is working itself out, and I have a few leads on exciting new career opportunities.  Continue reading “Checking In- Hiatus Explained”


Elijah’s first mini golf lesson

Keeping in the theme of my learning to golf, I decided to take my nephew, Elijah mini-golfing on one of the first truly nice Saturday afternoons that we had this spring. To learn a little about my relationship with Elijah and what he means to me, read this post! Continue reading “Elijah’s first mini golf lesson”

Welcome! (5 Ws)

You’re reading this, which means I have officially launched my blog. I have been working on this for some time to ensure that my vision and content matched up, and to give myself time to develop content so that when I did launch, my readers would have more than just this post to read! So to answer questions about my blog, here are 5Ws that should explain. Continue reading “Welcome! (5 Ws)”