Meet Barrett!

Pretty much everyone who I have interacted with over the past year has heard about how much I want a puppy. I moved into my own apartment and it was a bit lonely without Meatball and Juliet underfoot, so I had been keeping my eye out for puppies online and in the shelters for the better part of a year. I realllllly wanted to rescue, but I wanted a dog that would stay small because a. I live in an apartment with no yard, and b. I travel a good bit and would like to be able to travel with my pup sometimes. I soon learned that it was tough to find a small dog at a shelter. So I kept looking.

One day, my boyfriend showed me an ad that he found on craigslist- a woman was rehoming a puppy. Continue reading “Meet Barrett!”

Getting to know me…

Hi, I’m Evie! It’s pronounced Eh. Vee. “Every” without the “R”. It’s short for Evangelia (it’s Greek), and I was named after my maternal grandmother (I’ll get into that in another post). When I was younger, I hated having a name that most people mispronounced and that most people had never heard of (you can imagine I wasn’t finding my name on any of those souvenir keychains!). As I have gotten older, I have started to like my name… Maybe I grew into it.
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