Checking In- Hiatus Explained

So, I fell off of the blogging wagon for a bit. I had a lot of stuff going on, both personally and professionally, and didn’t really want to write. I want my blog to be organic and natural so that it truly reflects me both as a writer and who I am as a person, so since I didn’t want to write, I didn’t force it. I am in a better place currently– the personal stuff is working itself out, and I have a few leads on exciting new career opportunities.  Continue reading “Checking In- Hiatus Explained”


The Greenbrier Valentine’s Day Trip

I will admit that prior to 2017, I had never even heard of the Greenbrier. My boyfriend’s family planned a trip there in the fall for his dad’s birthday, and I fell in love. The combination of the vast property, the decor, and the service, made it an absolutely wonderful trip. Continue reading “The Greenbrier Valentine’s Day Trip”

Traveling to Cuba

Cuba is one of the trendiest and hottest vacation spots right now. Understandably so, since up until recently, most United States citizens were unable to legally travel to Cuba. I traveled to Cuba in November, but unlike many Americans, this was not my first trip to Cuba. Continue reading “Traveling to Cuba”

First Trip to Nantucket

I made my first trip to Nantucket for 4th of July Weekend in 2017. My boyfriend and his family have a house there and had been spending summers there for most of his life. His living room in his apartment is decorated in a Nantucket theme, so it was quite a treat for me to finally be able to visit the beautiful island.

As far as transportation to Nantucket, getting to the island is not as simple as you would think. In our case, we flew from Pittsburgh to Boston, took a bus from Boston to Hyannis, and then took a ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket.
Continue reading “First Trip to Nantucket”